Fall / Winter 2012

Ongoing public interest in the legacy of Azola Basses inspired us to create

a new facebook page to celebrate AZOLA's history and worldwide family.

Please visit and share the love ...

We may still rebuild our website, which was recently decommissioned,

and appreciate your patience and support.

In the interim ... please be sure to visit us on facebook,

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Important News about Azola Basses (Fall/Winter 2011)

Steve is presently taking an indefinite sabbatical from bass-building and repairs.

Azola Basses is not currently accepting any new orders and has no remaining inventory.

Please check this site, and AZOLA Basses on facebook, for future status updates.

Thank you for your kind understanding.


A note from Steve Azola -

To all of our friends, family and fans -

After 15+ years and 1200 basses, it is with great sadness that I must announce the doors of Azola Basses are closed. With the slow economy, our recent move from "Rancho Bajo", and the wide variety of EUB choices readily available in the world today, we have had an increasingly hard time.

Most of all, my wife Jill's decision to move east, and start a new life on her own, has taken its toll on me. As most of you know, she is as much a part of this business as I am. For me to continue without her is next to impossible at this time.

I have returned to the world of fine auto restoration, at a shop here in the San Diego area. Eventually, I will have a small work space set up for doing some bass adjustments and repairs. So, at some point in the near future, I will do my best to take care of the Azola basses out there which may require attention. Please be patient, I will need a little time to get settled in my new job and adjust to my new life.

A few words about the EUB world in general -

When we brought the Baby Bass back to life in 1994, there was a handful of EUB builders in the US, plus a limited number in Europe. These builders, like myself, had small shops and did the work themselves. Now, most of the US builders are gone, with some of them contracting out the actual manufacturing to Asian or Eastern European factories. This has brought a wave of lower priced instruments to the market. While allowing more players to get their hands on EUBs, it has created a lot of confusion in the market place, complicating the decision-making process. With so many choices, most players opt for the lowest price, which usually goes hand-in-hand with low quality. However, even some higher price instruments are still made in China, using mystery woods and poorly made components. So, I strongly encourage all the prospective EUB buyers out there to please save some extra pennies so that you are able to buy a bass built by a person that you can at least talk to on the phone, and whose name you know.

I would like to thank all the talented people that helped us through the years. Most notable, Jess Oliver, who inspired me to continue with his Baby Bass, and shared his vast knowledge, wisdom and sense of humor. Carey Nordstrand, who as many of you know, has gone on to build, in my opinion, the finest basses available (period!). Also, Jimmy Crawford and Greg Parker, whose help got us through the busiest times. Mike Tobias, what can I say, the guru of bass building, thank you.

To all the wonderful people we met at the NAMM shows, you welcomed us with open arms, and made us feel like family.

To all of you who have an Azola bass as part of your family, thank you for allowing me to create an instrument for you. It gives me great pleasure knowing that in your hands they help to give you great pleasure making music.

Thank you all so much,
Steve Azola


June 2010

And a note from Jill too -

First, let me say, that yes, this is a very sad and difficult time for both of us. Harder for Steve perhaps, as he is the one being left, and he did not necessarily choose this path. But we are working together to tie up loose ends as best we can - taking care of business, our customers, and each other.

We thank all of you for the sweet words of comfort and support and appreciation you have sent us privately, and posted in the various forums online.

I'm quite confident that Steve's inspiration will be re-kindled, and he will get his mojo back. I envision brighter days ahead for him, when he is able to create a bass from his heart, without customer pressures or deadlines. When it's done, and he's happy with it, perhaps he may offer it for sale ... or just keep it to play himself. No doubt he will rediscover this joyful creative outlet ... which I believe he will always need, in addition to playing bass in a blues band for fun, and bringing beautiful fine old cars back to life as his "day gig". Without too much pressure,hassle, or overhead it could happen ... maybe not right away ... but someday ...

I will miss all of you ... and all of this ... as I step away from the Azola world and travel my own road.



June 18, 2010

AZOLA update

We have received many kind emails and phone calls, and appreciate all the support and encouragement during this tough period of transition.

A lot of people are asking about any remaining Azola basses that may be in stock at the shop. We do not have any completed Azola basses here at all. Nor do we have any old Ampeg or Zorko Baby Bass parts or accessories remaining in our inventory.

We will add gig bag and flight case source details shortly with possible alternative supplier contacts, if you have a Baby Bass or other model of EUB that needs protection.

We suggest that you watch the various internet classified ads and ebay for future availability of pre-owned Azolas.

We have set-up a new email address which will be monitored periodically. The standard email address format should be used, but we are spelling it out in an effort to reduce the amount of automated "junk mail" it may attract.

basses <at> azola <dot> com

You may send warranty-related/repair questions, which Steve will continue to address. Please be aware that we have actually had very few warranty or repair issues with our instruments. So we do not expect many of you to need our help in the future. But we would like to assure you that we still care about each of our "children" out there in the working world, and will always offer any support possible.

You may also submit your contact details, if you wish to be notified about any basses Steve might choose to create in the future. Please do not expect personal responses to all future emails or phone calls, as Steve will technically be on sabbatical from bass-related business for an indefinite period, and the business is officially closed. But he will try to help whenever he is able to do so.

Thanks again to everyone for your understanding and cooperation.

AZOLA Basses are found on stage and in the studio with artists around the world, including -

* Lance Morrison - Don Henley

* Hutch Hutchinson - Bonnie Raitt

* Benny Rietveld - Santana

* Barry Bales - Alison Krauss and Union Station

* Jeff Ament - Pearl Jam, Three Fish

* Richard Patterson - David Sanborn, Boz Scaggs

* Nelson Braxton - Michael Bolton

* Scott Ambush - Spyro Gyra

* Victor Miranda - Al DiMeola

* Richie Goods - Manhattan Transfer

* Penn Jillette - Penn & Teller

* Lonnie Plaxico - Cassandra Wilson

* Jason Scheff - Chicago

* Alphonso Johnson - Weather Report, Santana, The Other Ones, Jazz is Dead, Steve Kimock Band

* Cliff Hugo - Carl Verhayen Trio, Supertramp, (studio bassist)

* Tony Banda - Poncho Sanchez, Banda Brothers

* Eddie Resto - Eddie Palmieri, (LA studio bassist)

* Juan Formell - Los Van Van (Cuba)

* Pavel Molina - Los Van Van (Cuba)

* Tony Muhammad - Anthology/San Diego house band musical director

* Rene Camacho - Rickie Lee Jones, Kevin Eubanks

* Juan de Marcos Gonzales & his Afro-Cuban Allstars

* Lalo Carrillo - Luis Miguel

* Robert Henson - Corey Smith

* Wil-Dog Abers - Ozomatli

* Yunior Terry Cabrera - Lila Downs, Los Terry, Steve Coleman

* Jyrki Kangas - Pori Jazz Festival(Director)

* Chip Jackson - Billy Taylor Trio

* Carlos Perdomo - Los Sabandenos (Canary Islands)

* Otto Price - DC Talk

* The Brothers Cazimero (Hawaii)

* Brian Eichenberger - The Four Freshmen

* Don Johnson - Riverdance, (Nashville studio bassist)

* Ron Johnson - Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

* Mark Mancina - Film score composer/Producer

* Trevor Rabin - Film score composer/Producer

* Greg Silva - Roomful of Blues

* Nate Query - The Decemberists

* Scott Thile - Chris Thile & Nickel Creek

* Mike Bernal - Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88s

* Matt Bissonette - Boz Scaggs, Joe Satriani, Rick Springfield, (LA studio bassist)

* Steve Coleman (for use with his band)

* Andy Eulau - US State Department Jazz Ambassadors

* James Genus - SNL Band, Brecker Brothers

* Conrad Korsch - Rod Stewart, Manhattan Transfer, Mojo Mancini

* Chucho Merchan - Jaguares, David Gilmour

* Ruben Rodriguez - Eddie Palmieri, Lincoln Center Jazz, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Caribbean Jazz Project

* Kazutoshi Shibuya - Orchesta de la Luz, Orchesta del Sol (Japan)

* Oscar Stagnaro - Berklee School of Music faculty, Calle 54

* Bert Turetzky - Educator, improv genius

* Myron Dove - Robben Ford, Santana, Mark Isham

* Hiro Ito - Orquesta de la Luz (Japan)

* Dave Marotta - Studio bassist

* Massimo Biolcati - NY bassist

* Devin Hoff - The Nels Cline Singers, Devin Hoff Platform

* Nathan Peck - Alex Skolnick

* Bernie Minoso - Tito Puente Orchestra

* Mission Viejo High School - Award-winning Jazz Band

* MCAS Miramar - US Marine Base band

* Band of the Air Force Reserve

* Riverside Community College (CA)